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CLIA Board of Directors

Scott Connolly
Past President

The Andiron Inn -- Seaside Inn & Cabins
Little River, CA

Member of:
Executive Committee
Scholarship/Education Committee
Biographical Information:
Scott Connolly and his wife, Madeline Stanionis, became novice innkeepers with their acquisition of Mendocino's Pacific Mist Inn in May, 2009. After renovations, they have now re-named the inn, "The Andiron -- Seaside Inn & Cabins." Scott has been a CLIA member since 2007 when he set up his company, Foolstwist Holdings LLC, for the purpose of hotel property management and acquisition. He greatly appreciates the assistance he received from CLIA in the early stages of acquiring his first inn property. Prior to becoming an innkeeper, Scott was Vice President of Administration and Dean of Student Affairs at the Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology at the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, California. In this capacity, he managed a five-year, acquisition and renovation of a new school site, which included supervisory roles during construction and management of the implementation of the schools IT, telecommunication, and distance learning infrastructure. As Dean of Student Affairs, he managed two apartment buildings owned by the School and made available to its students: In one of these buildings, he undertook an earthquake retrofit project as mandated by the city. Before entering academia, Scott was Vice President and Director of Electronic Funds Transfer Standards Development for Bank of America's Global Payment Services Standards and Policy Department where he managed the internal development and standardization of electronic financial telecommunications standards. He also directed international standardization efforts on behalf of the bank and the U.S. banking community; at one point, becoming the United States banking representative to S.W.I.F.T. (Society for Worldwide International Financial Telecommunication), a financial services co-operative based in Brussels, Belgium.

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