ADA Compliance

California Certified Accessibility Specialists

CalCasp, Inc. offers an array of services and assistance with disabled access compliance and helping business owners, property owners and architects maximize their protections afforded by the recent passage of SB1608 and the CASP program.


CASp Certified ADA Compliance Surveying & Design services Tel: 415-310-3010 Fax: 811-610-3773 Minimize your lawsuit risk exposure and become ADA compliant under the Americans with Disabilities Act Get a CASp certified site survey for your business or property For a FREE consultation regarding your property, call us.

CASp Plus, Inc.

CASp Plus provides CASp Inspections for private business and public accommodation facilities to comply with Federal A.D.A. and California Title 24 requirements through a Certified Access Specialist CASp Inspection. Our CASp report, following the CASp Inspection, will identify existing barriers to access at your facility and describe the barrier removal requirements under the ADA and California law. State and federal codes do not always agree and proper conformace is necessary to meet the standards. CASp Plus understands these code Fast Service - One day service is available from Los Angeles to San Diego.

ADA Compliance Professionals

Southern California\'s leading ADA Consultant, Inspector, and Contractor. We can help with ADA accessibility issues such as ADA Parking Requirements, ADA Restroom Requirements, ADA Door Requirements, ADA lawsuits, ADA Compliant Websites and more.