“Niche” marketing is a buzzword in the lodging industry. “Niche” marketing translates to: know your customers and go after them. “Niche” marketing matches your particular brand of hospitality services, whether it’s economy, luxury or bed and breakfast, to a very specific group of travelers which you have the best chance of capturing. As a trade association, CLIA follows those same principles in marketing our services to the lodging industry.

In fact, our mission statement clearly states the “niche” of the industry we serve. It reads: “The mission of the California Lodging Industry Association is to promote, protect and advance the interests of lodging owners and their management teams statewide, and to provide a network of resources to support member efficiency, profitability and professionalism.

The key ingredient in this mission statement identifies CLIA’s unique niche as lodging owners and operators. Everything we do is focused on serving the unique interests of the one whose personal investment is on the line every day … the owner.

We are proud to specialize in meeting the needs of owners who need very specialized programs to help them be profitable; who need individualized service from an association that understands what they go through each day in dealing with a small base of employees without the benefit of a “human resources department;” who don’t have the resources of a “corporate headquarters” to help them with daily management problems; who need the support of other like individuals to talk with at the annual convention and at educational seminars.

CLIA has 1000 plus members!

We’re meeting the needs of our membership because we listen and respond to what our members tell us.

Through our comprehensive membership surveys, CLIA members express their opinions on our endorsed programs, our services and our direction. Members rank services as the number one reason for maintaining their membership and our “bottom line” program benefits rank second. These are the reasons membership continues to grow.

Why make a point of CLIA’s special “niche?” Because there are choices for property owners today when it comes to choosing an association membership. But the CLIA difference addresses the very special entrepreneurial spirit that owner/operators bring to their operations.

CLIA was responsible for pioneering many “bottom line” savings through our group purchasing programs now emulated by other organizations. CLIA also offers a wide range of “hands-on” materials to make the day-to-day operation of one’s lodging establishment an easier task.

Just as you are bombarded with choices for long distance carriers, you are now being bombarded with choices for which association you should belong to.

Each individual must make his/her own decision … but it is an important one. The confidence you have in your state trade association to meet your needs is crucial to so many aspects of your operation. CLIA encourages and nurtures the entrepreneurial spirit, whether your property is a two-room bed and breakfast or a 500-room full service hotel!

Will your choice be an association whose board of directors is comprised of owners who are actively involved in the operation of their businesses on a day-to-day basis?

Will it be the one that is proud to serve the “niche” of independent owners and operators as their area of specialty?

CLIA is not all things to all people … just to independent owners and operators!

Contact CLIA at (800) 637-4664 (CA only)
or (916) 925-2915